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Electrical Service Upgrade

Enrico came out and upgraded a lot of the service in our home, short of rewiring. Our house is over 60 years old and the electrical service looked never to have been upgraded in all that time. They upgraded the electrical service panel on the side of the house, replaced the clevis, installed new outlets for our stove and dishwasher, replaced our fuse box with a modern breaker panel, installed surge protection, grounded our home at the panel, replaced a number of plugs and light switches. It was a big job that took two days. Throughout, Enrico and his team were professional, arrived early, and worked hard. On his inspection, Enrico even found a false ground wire in one of our bedroom outlets. The work was thorough and we are happy. It has been about 3 months now since Enrico and his team came out and there have been no problems. We highly recommend them.

Toronto, ON

Knob And Tube Removal, Replace Switches, Install Astronomical Timer

We purchased a 100-year old semi in downtown Toronto, and had a few concerns with the electrical in the house. Home inspection revealed knob and tube in the master bedroom, and visually the outlets seemed old and misplaced. Light switch boxes were in strange locations, and the second bedroom didn’t have a ceiling light fixture. Enrico was so thorough, so patient explaining all the work he suggested should be done (not in a pushy way – in a “if this was my house” way), and the quote came back with options … I was very very impressed with the process, with his professionalism, and his knowledge – especially of older homes. I hired him immediately upon receiving the quote.

Enrico was scheduled to come in the following week, so I never had to wait for the work to be done. He was super punctual. They were the most conscientious workers. Booties over their shoes, drop sheet where they kept the tools, and even bags taped to the wall under areas they had to cut/drill to minimize dust. They even cleaned up afterwards!

My impression was that Enrico went above and beyond what was quoted for my job. I had knob and tube removed from the master bedroom. The house has no attic, so there were holes cut out in the walls to fish out the wires. But then Enrico plugged the walls back up and put drywall compound over it to patch it right back up! Completely unexpected and done in a professional manner. They installed a ceiling light outlet in the second bedroom where there was none. Perfection.

They replaced an old macgruber hack job in the upstairs hallway (outlet with three plugs…?! from previous owner’s “electrician”) with an updated plug and again, they filled in the hole that was left. It was cut into the wainscoting, and Enrico even put a groove in the plastered area to make it look like the wainscoting was intact where they had cut. Amazing!!!

They installed an astronomical timer for my front porch light (automatically changes on/off time according to almanac/longitude/latitude), and changed my front hall 3-switch panel that had been installed INTO the doorframe into a standard 3-switch panel outside the doorframe … And then yep, you guessed it, they patched up my doorframe with some putty to keep the frame intact. As I said, above and beyond!

Now the best part… It only took two days! These guys are machines. Enrico – THANK YOU

Toronto, ON

Electrical and Lighting Installation

Enrico is true professional. He does meticulous work and communicates the full scope of the job to be done. He has worked on my home on 3 different occasions and is extremely polite, thoughtful in his work and appears to be a very good teacher. These guys offer great results and peace of mind!

Ajax, ON

Changing to a Breaker Panel

Nothing but praise for the workmanship and service from Enrico installing our electrical service panel. They showed up on time, their time estimate for the work was right on, they were friendly and professional. They wore ‘slippers’ over their shoes and put their own rug down to avoid any mess. My wife left the house with the keys to both vehicles leaving me car-less to attend a medical appointment. Admittedly, I was a little upset. Enrico asked how they could help? Could they drive me somewhere? Of all the work we’ve had done in our home from various technicians, these guys were the best! We highly recommend them!

Toronto, ON

After Hours Help

Early evening on a weekday night after typical business hours, my wife and I had a concern regarding a light in our back room – we had some safety concerns about it shorting out. Enrico called us back within minutes. He listened to our multiple concerns and gave direction on what to do in the present moment. As stated by Enrico – we were contacted first thing in the morning

Enrico was just a straight up nice guy, but more importantly clearly a safety focused experienced electrician. He arrived at the top end of his window. Enrico identified multiple possibilities before inspecting so we had a sense of best and worst case scenarios. His inspection of the situation was detailed and he really thought things through. After he had a strong understanding of the problem and possible causes he presented our choices.  I loved the pricing and I had a clear sense of the high and low end of the problem we were having. I will call them back in the future and would recommend them to co-workers friends and family.

Toronto, ON

Fixing Another Companies Mistake

I had had a timer installed for my outdoor light by another company. (I thought I was getting a good deal). This proved to be a disastrous mistake as the timer did not work and the electrician did not return for either of the 2 times we scheduled with no follow up phone call. (Lesson learned)

Enrico came to the rescue! Enrico is an honourable, qualified and skilled electrician who offers excellent advice. He always shows up on time and provides quality service! I am very pleased.

Toronto, ON

Troubleshooting an Electrical Problem

Enrico was very knowledgeable and helpful. He explained and showed us the problems before he fixed them and thoroughly checked our home for other problems. Patiently answered our questions and listened to our concerns and made suggestions. I feel like our house is safe again and all because of Enrico.

Whitby, ON

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