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Electrical Service Size Upgrades


 Does my electrical service need upgrading?

As we rely more on the electricity in our homes we find ourselves asking this question. A couple things to consider first are: What size is your service?  Does it need upgrading? 

Well to find out we need to take a few things into account.  Service sizes are based on the load demand of your dwelling.  So to begin, some questions we normally ask you are:

How big is your house? 

Do you have an apartment making your house a multi dwelling structure? 

Do you have, or wish to one day have, a hot tub on the back of your deck? 

Do you have, or wish to one day have, an electrical vehicle? 

Do you wish to make your house more attractive to potential home buyers?

Considering this information will help you to determine if you should upgrade your service from 100 amp to a 200 amp service.

If your service is an underground service, we would have to verify that the conductors entering your meter base are the correct size.  This is done as a free service from your utility provider and is called a “site survey”.

Are you interested or considering an upgrade to your service?   Call us today and we will come out to provide you with a free estimate.

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