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Panel Changes from Fuses to Breakers

Why upgrade your fuse panel?

Which panel looks safer to you?

Many of my clients over the years have wondered why they should upgrade their fuse panel to a modern breaker panel.  In fact, some have even been told that their fuse panel is better than a breaker panel and they shouldn’t upgrade.  That simply is not true.

The Technology

Fuse panels were last installed in the early 70’s – almost 50 years ago.  What do you own that is more than 50 years old?  OK – now what do you own that is 50 years old and you would trust to save your life?  The reality is that fuse panels are old electrical equipment and they should be replaced with newer equipment.  Not only that, the technology in today’s breakers and electrical panel’s provide a more reliable and safer means of protecting the circuits in your home providing a much safer environment for you and your family.

The Problem

If you currently have a fuse panel, you most likely have had circuits added to the panel.  50 years ago, people relied a lot less on electricity. There were fewer electrical appliances then. However times have changed, and we use electricity a lot more.  As a result additional circuits have been added to many homes.  The problem is, if you have a fuse panel, you most likely never had enough fuse terminals to accept these new circuits and now have two circuits under one fuse, a double tap.  Not only a code violation, but also a safety hazard.

To add to all the above, the new Ontario Electrical Code requires that all new circuits feeding receptacles in a house, except for kitchen counters and bathrooms, must be Arc Fault protected.  Having a breaker panel makes this process a lot easier and more cost effective.


Where to go from here?

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Letter from a Customer 

Nothing but praise for the workmanship and service from Enrico installing our electrical service panel. They showed up on time, their time estimate for the work was right on, they were friendly and professional. They wore ‘slippers’ over their shoes and put their own rug down to avoid any mess. My wife left the house with the keys to both vehicles leaving me car-less to attend a medical appointment. Admittedly, I was a little upset. Enrico asked how they could help? Could they drive me somewhere? Of all the work we’ve had done in our home from various technicians, these guys were the best! We highly recommend them!

Toronto, ON


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