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Electrical Home Inspections for Home Buyers

Looking to buy an older house? How’s its Electrical System?

Sure, the panel area looks neat, and look at all those new plugs and switches……did I mention all the upgrades; under cabinet lights; all those pot lights! “Hold on”….. don’t be fooled, before you put your offer in, have a certified electrician inspect the electrical system.

The reality is that most of the electrical system of a house lies beneath the surface of your switches, plugs, and lights. Areas where most house inspectors are not going to look! Incorrect wiring methods, electrical code violations, and most importantly, safety hazards, can be costly to repair.  Discovering such issues may make you feel differently about that house that looks so beautiful from the surface.

Now, that does mean you should not buy that house? No, but knowing about electrical deficiencies can help you in your bargaining efforts and will prepare you for future investments in your new house.

What about if you are selling your home? Have you purchased your new house already?  Have a closing date?

In today’s crazy housing market, the sale of your home can be just as stressful as purchasing one.

As mentioned above, the discovery of deficiencies in the electrical system of your house, can be used to bargain and bring down the value of your house. In fact, it could be the reason the deal falls through!

Why not be proactive and make sure that your house’s electrical system is safe and up to the electrical code, so that when you receive on offer with the condition of inspection, you can be confident that your electrical system won’t have any issues.


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