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Aluminum Rejuvenation and Certification for Insurance

Do you know what’s happening behind that receptacle on your wall?

 Is aluminum wiring safe?  Can it cause fires?  Yes and yes.  That’s why insurance companies now require that homes wired with aluminum wiring have an inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority (E.S.A.) before they are willing to insure.

The reality is that approximately 30% of homes in southern Ontario are wired with aluminum wiring.    The problem with Aluminum wiring is that it doesn’t do well when it needs to be terminated.  The wiring through your walls is ok and safe, however, when connected to dissimilar metals (copper), without using the proper anti-oxidant and the proper rated devices (COLAR device), oxidation occurs, and as a result that once tight connection slowly loosens and a gap now occurs.  The current flow now starts to jump this gap causing a small arc to occur creating a great amount of heat.

So, are you lights flickering?  Does your switch seem warm to the touch?  Perhaps you think you smell something burning but just can’t put your finger on it.  Do you need to rewire?  No.  If the aluminum wiring in your home has not undergone any maintenance you should really consider an Aluminum Rejuvenation.

During an Aluminum Rejuvenation we will replace all your receptacles and switches with COLAR rated devices and remake all the connections at your light fixtures and junction boxes using the properly rated wire connectors and antioxidant.  This work is permitted through the E.S.A. and upon completion you will receive a certification of inspection stating that your wiring is safe.

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